The Story of the Replacement Clutch

The moment we all dread. One minute driving smugly along ,engine purring,the next ,a loud bang and a grinding noise as the car stops.generally in a very inconvenient spot. Whilst my MGB did the first, I avoided the second problem and drew up by the side of the road close to home. Brain still in gear, initial thoughts , ‘disintegrating gearbox’

Just before lockdown the car was transported to Kelbrook Classsics, where the Engine and Gearbox were removed

and on investigation a series of MG noirs ( a film genre best avoided) appeared on my phone. A collection of photos and a video nasty showing the damage. Initial thoughts proving incorrect. It was the after market clutch plate, the centre boss completely separating its self from the clutch drive plate

So while waiting for the new clutch parts the decision was taken to remove all the nasty oil and grime stains and paint the engine to make it look nice. Expecting the garage to use Gunk and brush on paint, how wrong, all ancillary equipment removed and heat resistant gloss fininsh spray paint used (three coats to be precise).

Engine in and nearly finished just the ancillary parts and a tune up required and we were back on the road.
Now all that was needed was a shakedown run, to sort out any niggles. Just one showed a minor oil leak on the side of the engine, all that was needed was a spanner to adjust the engine rocker chest side plate gasket, job done.
Just now waiting for Boris to lift the lockdown so non-essential journeys can return and MG will be back on the road top down in the sunshine. Europe beckons!

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