The Plough at Eaves

Coming, as we are to the end of the “summer” season — at least for the less hardy of us — Gail reports that it was a grey drizzly day when she and Irv led a select few to venture off on a short run, planning to use the extra time to have an extended coffee stop at Holden Clough Nursery (where there is lots to see & buy — and some of us did …) and then, later, a long lunch, which seemed a perfect antidote to such a dismal day.  So far so good but then, not long after leaving coffee stop — in fact only a few miles into the second section of their planned route — their navigation went completely awry and a mystery route commenced … mind you, had they not admitted this I, personally, wouldn’t have noticed it.  In any case, we took in quite a good chunk of the Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, even if inadvertently, and it is not an area that automatically needs the sun to be seen at its best.  Sometimes, the hills look that bit more dramatic, and the woods a little more mysterious, in low cloud and patchy rain.  At least with the hood up.  Just follow the leader and throw caution to the wind!  Arriving at our lunch stop, The Plough at Eaves and on time, we were all together still, and there we all (Gail hoped — but she needn’t have worried) enjoyed great lunch and lots of conversation.  But she, ruefully, thinks Irving may be looking for new navigator ….  Our last run of 2023 will take place, appropriately enough, on November 5th.

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