The History of the Burnley & Pendle MGOC “Pendle Run”

The current iteration of the Pendle Run, the Burnley and Pendle MGOC annual run – into its 27th year now – has a fairly settled format. Members, their guests and visitors, meet up at the Old Stone Trough Hotel – with whatever Classic Cars they can beg borrow or steal – either on the day, or the night before, when they dine together and stay overnight, setting off to tour the delightful rural Northwest and, with rather lighter pockets, return to see the contents donated to a charity of our choice and afterwards share in a light meal. And, of course, another few drinks for those who are not driving. Some may even stay overnight again …

However, it was not always thus. The Burnley& Pendle MG Club was re-formed in Oct 1992, and, originally, the Annual Run was called the Pendle Picnic Run. The starting point of the inaugural Run is lost in the mists of time but ended at Prairie Playing Fields, Colne Rd, Burnley and, after returning from the run, the entertainment for the afternoon was a game of rounders for everyone and “refreshments” served from members’ caravans. The Membership would have been a little younger in those days …

The second Pendle Picnic Run, held in partnership with Burnley Lions Club, was a completely different affair. The event spread over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday, with the run on Saturday, which was the only year this has happened. It was based at Towneley Park, Burnley, and most of the club members used their own caravans or tents in the grounds for overnight accommodation; whereas most visiting enthusiasts and guests stayed in various local hotels. The Saturday Run was led by a Member in his 1950 MG TF; but, somehow, he was the only member to go on the run! All the others were tasked with setting up field parking pitches for returning cars and preparing for the Sunday show … On this occasion, food was supplied by outside caterers, with food vans and, also on Sunday, there were auto jumble stalls and even small fair ground amusements; cars of various marques were judged, and the whole event was rounded off with a banquet meal at The Oaks Hotel, Colne Rd, Burnley. We raised an impressive £2000 for charity; however, the event was never again repeated in this format and it was a complete “one off”.

We don’t have records for the charitable donations from then until up to 1999, but Neil – one of our longest standing members, with Janet, and our faithful Treasurer – tells me that, thereafter, these delightful Runs have enabled the Burnley and Pendle MGOC to give £17,485 to worthy causes. Quite a lot, really, given the small size of the Club, and a tribute to the generosity of our visitors.

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