Mission Accomplished

After a lot of preparation, June again brought the Pendle Run – with some trepidation, as it was held on the Queen’s Jubilee weekend – and we were rewarded with an excellent field of entrants (pretty well our maximum) and their equally excellent cars with a wide variety of marques, which ranged from a 1936 Aston Martin (Le Mans) Ulster, through all ages of MG, to a 2010 Alfa Romeo Drophead.  They enjoyed the run – despite a grey though not especially rainy day – and bought so many raffle tickets that we able to increase this year’s charitable donation from an expected £500 to £900!  Lesley subsequently presented our cheque to the Primrose Suite at Burnley General Hospital, which does sterling work for cancer care.  Janet tells us about it – signing herself off as the Tea Lady …

Our last Pendle run in June 2019 seems light years away and, with Covid seeming less of a threat, we planned the June 2022 Run with enthusiasm but some concerns that proved totally unfounded.

We cannot exaggerate the pleasure shared by all as we joined in a Jubilee themed Run, old and new friends catching up on lost time with much laughter and chatter. 

Fifty cars driving round the Lancashire countryside enjoying the sights despite damp weather.  Sandwiches and a warm welcome back at the Stone Trough at Kelbrook gave us the opportunity to admire the variety of cars present and once again share stories of those lost two years.  Raising £900 for the Primrose Suite charity at Burnley General Hospital was a magnificent effort and we thank all those for taking part and contributing to a successful Pendle Run.

We hope to see you all again next year.

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