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January the 6th brought our first Run of the year in the form of a trip to Clitheroe Golf Club on rather a grey Sunday.

  It was a short run, though, since the main business of the day was lunch …  it did, however, involve MGs as the Captain (a secret MG admirer) had requested that Frank, who organised the event, should bring along some of our finest to display in front of the clubhouse, which we duly did.  It did not, unfortunately, include the Secretary’s.  His is in “hospital” with that perennial MG problem:  rust.  Oh dear!  That did mean however, as he was not driving, he could enjoy a glass (possibly more) of wine with an excellent meal, in jolly company and in the comfort of the “19th” while observing the joys of holing out on a rather sodden 18th.  A lovely start to the year and our thanks go to Frank and the Captain, and his staff, for showing us their evident hospitality.

January also bought the AGM, and the election of the Club officers, all of whom stood again – probably more in hope than anger – and it also gave us the time to reflect on the events of the past year.  The Meeting that followed did, however, give us the chance to “firm up” on the various plans that we’ve hatched recently for the future and 2019 promises to be a very active year for the Burnley and Pendle MGOC.  Barbara has suggested lunch at a fine hostelry for our next “run” and March will see Neil leading us out – weather permitting – to begin our year of MG motoring.  Including, of course, the Pendle Run on Sunday June 2nd – please see and you will be made very welcome – Enjoying MG indeed!

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