Christmas Party


Members met in mid-December at The Old Stone Trough for their annual Christmas meal.  Neil and Janet arrived in advance of everyone in order to check last minute arrangements and enhance the table decorations with crackers and gifts.  Roger and Barbara each came armed with a quiz – one based on Yorkshire and the other on Lancashire.  These certainly kept everyone entertained after the excellent meal as newly formed ‘couples’ scratched their heads (sometimes in vain) in order to solve the County-based clues. The men scored highly when asked which teams featured in the all-Lancashire Cup final in 1953 whereas the women knew who made the pie that Delia Smith called ‘The best football pie in Britain’. 

As a Club we are celebrating the recent formation of Messrs. N & J Taylor Truffle Co. who recently went into business in the Pendle area for a special Christmas event.  Unfortunately, their order book is now closed and for those recipients who were lucky enough to sample these chocolate-spirit-enhanced delights we can only commiserate with those who missed out. Many thanks Neil and Janet, as your efforts were much appreciated and certainly enjoyed.  A great night was had by all and thanks must also go to the OST for their hospitality and giving us a lovely warm room for private dining. 

We are now looking forward to our New Year 2023 January Meetup.


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