Pendle Run 2000

On Sunday 30 July 2000 it was the Burnley and Pendle MGOC’s 8th Pendle Run – our premier event of the year and one which did prove to be bigger and better than in previous years

This year we also arranged overnight camping on the Saturday night nearby, and many people took advantage of this.

Entry was just £15 per car and included rally plate, full routebook, finishing souvenir, coffee/tea at the start and buffet lunch for two!

Unfortunately I wassn’t able to make it, due to being in Vancouver, but I understand it was an excellent event.

Here’s what Jose had to say about it all;

The 8th Pendle Run will go into history as not only the first glorious, warm, sunny run, but also the first one to hit 100 entrants (in fact 101 as I missed counted somewhere) We also provided camping on the Saturday night this time, a small beginning with 11 tents, but a good crowd and a very good evening in MG style, with even some visitors from the hotel, which was by the way full of MGers. Ted’s sheer unending supply of chairs, coffee, tea and the like helped to make it into a thoroughly enjoyable evening, especially when this supply extended to the next morning.

It was great to see everyone with tops down the next morning (what have I missed Ed.) and even better to see them return still with tops down! Despite some hiccups, a small deviation, open gates and a missing page 3, the run went well and everyone returned safe and sound to the Stone TRough for the buffet. The chefs had made every effort and provided some excellent food, enjoyed by all in the sunshine in the courtyard. After the raffle we said goodbye to everyone. Herewith thank everybody for their company and their contibutions to charity.


And Neil Taylor’s said;

Commencing on the Saturday evening with a very successful Barbecue on the camping field at Salterforth, with Ted organising the camping and John & Jose the Barbecue.

On the Sunday morning glorious sunshine greeted us and stayed with us all day. Everyone, a full one hundred cars, completed the run – all 96 miles of it, even though there was an unknown diversion at Broughton.

The courtyard at the Old Stone Trough proved to be a superb suntrap as just about everyone decided this was the place to consume all the goodies from the buffet. (And no doubt the bar! – Ed)

Many thanks to the staff at the Old Stone Trough and also to Lynne & Janet for keeping a constant supply of hot tea & coffee on the go. We hope the occasion provided a good day out and value for money.

We enjoyed your company on the day and that of the revellers on the Saturday night. Hope to see you again next year.


Here’s a message we received after the Pendle Run

Dear Neil

On behalf of the members of Harrogate MG who attended the Pendle 2000 can I ask you to extend a HUGE thank you to John and Jose. What a fantastic time we had – eight of us travelled the route across on Saturday and had a wonderful evening – we were then joined by the rest of the group on Sunday morning and had a really great day.

What can we say? the run was so well organised from start to finish (even if some of us did take the odd wrong turn – our fault entirely!!) – the photographs at the end were a nice touch and something to remember the day by. As for the buffet – I think we expected a sandwich and scone or similar not a feast like the one that was presented to us.

All in all a wonderful, well organised day and whoever arranged the weather – can they do the same for us for our event on 12/13 August please. Take care and look forward to seeing you all in Pateley in August.

Many thanks once again

Maureen James Secretary Harrogate MG Club 25 beech Avenue Harrogate HG2 8DS email : tel : 01423 873641 fax : 01423 873641


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