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Sunday, May 5th marked an astonishing event in the life of the Burnley and Pendle MGOC: our monthly run was led by an electric BMW …  Having made that pious confession, the rest of our crew were otherwise quite definitely fossil powered.  Despite her fall from grace Barbara redeemed herself by plotting a delightfully scenic course through the borders of Yorkshire for a surprisingly large group of our members and four visitors, too. There was a fifth but unfortunately, he suffered a last-minute puncture and was concerned about the spare.

By the way, our team photograph shows one of two tables, and the other held even more people but they were the self-declared pretty ones!  I leave it to you to guess which one your secretary joined …

Unusually, we began with the coffee stop first – well, it was rather a topsy turvy day – leaving hoods down and, of course, it then decided to rain but only briefly!  Heading for Grassington we went to Malham and Malham Tarn, and Langcliffe with distant Penyghent.    Turning to Horton in Ribblesdale we crossed beneath The Settle to Carlisle railway and visited the industrial history site at Hoffman Kiln.  Unfortunately, your secretary’s MG electric fan failed, severely limiting the cooling, and he to take to the main roads, on this rather hot day, to keep up the airflow through the radiator.  Not before, however, passing by Nigel and Elizabeth’s pied a terre in Austwick!  After Lawkland the destination was the newly opened Lord’s Antiques at The Courtyard, and excellent restaurant – highly recommended.  We were their first large party and they seated us and fed us royally in our own room for a jolly – and rather long – lunch.  Don’t forget to join us on the Pendle Run!  Details and application form on the website.

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