Hoghton Tower

Unusually, for the Burnley and Pendle, September’s outing was another classic car show and this time it was at the historic Hoghton Tower – where James I improbably is said to have knighted Sir Loin – dating from the middle 1500s, though the de Hoghtons have lived there from the 12th century until the present time.  Barbara tells us about it.

The weather forecast for Sunday September 4th was for a morning of light rain accompanied by fairly strong winds.  Thinking it would be damp, we went prepared, with flasks of hot coffee, umbrellas and our picnics.  Roger wisely left the gazebo at home…  Four MGs met at The Boar’s Head Hoghton and, with hoods down, we soon arrived at Hoghton Tower Classic Car Show.  Yes, it was fairly windy, but we soon got out the chairs and flasks, as classic cars of all shapes, sizes, ages, colours and marques continued to arrive.  The drive up to the Tower is imposing and once Club Pennants were erected, the site became a Classic Car paradise with groups of enthusiasts chatting away, exchanging tips and everyone benefitting from the community of experiences.  The ladies (and, er, your secretary …) soon discovered the Country market stalls and in particular, ‘Blanket Box’ selling throws and blankets, potentially a wise-buy, considering the forecasted soaring energy costs.  After lunch the sun made a surprising appearance, and wow, didn’t it shine!  Coats, and sweatshirts came off and it felt like an amazing Summer’s Day.  So much for taking note of the forecast!! 

Nigel & Elizabeth’s Run is next but on Sunday 9th October from the OST at 10 am.


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