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February brought the second run of the Burnley and Pendle MGOC year and, again, it was an indoor event – but no less enjoyable for all that. Despite the pessimistic expectations of inclement winter weather, the day was actually sunny and cheerful, even if rather cold, when the lucky 13 set off for the Flower Bowl Entertainment Centre at Barton Grange Garden Centre near Preston for a touch of crazy golf!

This was a joint effort organised by Frank and Lorraine but, as they were off on a cruise prior to the event, ably assisted by Roger and Olive.  Now I say indoor but should really say sheltered because it was actually outdoors.  Nevertheless, the round started – after warming coffee and cakes when we met up – and proceeded at a cracking enough pace to keep warm.  The “golf” was certainly sufficiently crazy to think that the Old Course at St Andrews hasn’t anything to fear … Actually, it was hilarious and its designers have thought of every possible catastrophe that could befall you while holding a putter, and probably a few others besides.  At least there was no “driving” involved and the seasoned golfers fared little better than the rankest beginners.  Apart from its other attractions, the Flower Bowl sports a large restaurant which provided us with an excellent and well served lunch.  And Frank made the presentations …  Thanks to our golfing foursome for a very enjoyable day!

Next month will see a return to our motoring themed activities and a club trip to the Raven Hall Hotel at Ravenscar near Scarborough, so there is no advertised “Sunday run” in March but don’t forget to check out the details of June’s Pendle Run on Sunday 4th.


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