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The first news is about our brand new website at which is just waiting for your visit! On January 7th we had our Sunday Run – to the Buck Inn at Paythorne – for a reprise of last year’s event. Fred made a sterling effort and, er, cajoled all who could away from the bosom of their families – or at least their garages. These included David and Eric who we were very pleased to see once more. This was an MG day so, instead of the dreary grey weather of late, it was all blue skies and sunshine, crisp and cold. Several members even brought their MGs.

We were allocated our own dining area and had the traditional convivial lunch. thanks to Fred and Betty for organizing us so well, and welcome to the  beginning of the new Burnley and Pendle MG year.

This month was distinguished by another event: Janet W took many of us to her charity event for the Alzheimer’s Society, a Gin tasting presented by Joseph, his fiancé and his niece, from Byrne Bros, the well known wine merchants of Clitheroe, who led us through the niceties of many different gins, botanicals and mixers that are now so fashionable. Joseph is a fifth generation member of that fine family firm, to whose cellars your secretary can recommend a visit. It was a fine introduction to our events of the New Year

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