Ted Howarth

Ted & Joanne Howarth

Thoughts on his passing from Neil and Janet Taylor

Reflecting on the death of a friend makes for a sad and thoughtful time, but we can be heartened knowing that this was a man who had led a successful and fulfilling life. A determined man who had a clear vision of what he wanted from life.

Having known Ted from a shared love of all things MG for the best part of thirty years we will miss him as a friend, fellow traveller and raconteur.

Ted was an active member of the Burnley and Pendle M.G. Owners’ club and we enjoyed many British and European holidays with him and his first wife Jean and later with Joanne, who he married at a surprise wedding at Gretna Green. Both of whom shared his love of travel.

Over the time we holidayed with Ted we took our classic cars to Europe, visiting Norway and Croatia and many countries in between. Ireland and Scotland were always firm favourites of his and would be scheduled in every year for a trip away.

Travelling away, all those involved would discuss best routes and places to visit, and then follow Teds plan! Usually for the best. A man with firm ideas and used to leading the charge.

Sitting in a bar in a Croatian Hotel pre dinner, Ted kept us all entertained with a recital of ‘Albert and the Lion’, all 18 verses and we can still recall the laughter as we sat there listening to this tale.

Ted also had lots of numbered boxes containing all his tools and bits of pieces in the garage. On request and given a number he would recite exactly what was in each box. We would never ask for proof and always appeared convinced.

Life is sadder without him and he will be missed. We send our condolences to his family.



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